Welcome to our new site! Our class, the Psychology of Stress explored a number of issues related to stress during January of 2017. On this site you’ll be able to find a number of resources to understand and cope with stress.

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Are you stressed?!?  This course introduced students to theories, principles, and the physiology related to stress and the stress response.  Students learned about different sources of stress and anxiety, how stress affects the brain and body, and ways to mitigate and cope with stressors. As a class, we read and discussed books/articles presenting different views on life satisfaction and coping with stress. Each student complete a Stress Journal, exploring his or her own responses to stress, and learned about different approaches to relieving stress. As part of the course, all students spent time off campus in a silent retreat and actively explored a number of ways to reduce stress including yoga, exercise, the outdoors and nutrition.  This website is the culmination of student’s work over the course of the class. You’ll find resources for dealing with and understanding stress.

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